Your Inner Compass Is Smarter Than Anyone Else’s When It Comes To Your Life.

You, the Gongolier, the client, the patient, the medical doctor, the naturopathic practitioner, the bodyworker, the minister…
You have an inner compass. You can tell if your headed in the wrong direction if you feel hate, fear, foreboding, envy, shame…
You can tell your going the right way when it feels like love, clarity, safe, grounded, reasonable …

So let’s be more clear. One of our foundations at SWGI is clarity. If you are being shamed or rushed in making a choice for fear of not making it RIGHT right now or without the time to support yourself with all the facts and time to consider the effects of your choice, you maybe being rushed into doing something you will regret, something that takes a lot of energy to remedy. When we as people are in various states of shock we cannot make really good clear choices.

When we stop and forget that we feel the need to make a hurried choice we can then feel our direction of love and healing. We all will and do live with the effects of our choices. Meditation, massage, Accu-therapies, Tai Chi, yoga, ritual meditation, and Gong Immersions are all ways to access this state of clarity to view for ourselves. What is the right direction for you? Only You are truly capable of making the choice, and if you make one you don’t like the effects of make a new one. Make a new one that feels like love to you.

If it doesn’t feel like love to you be strong and get up and leave. You may also be giving others permission to save themselves.

Food for thought: Do you think and feel the following are individually true or false?
Love wants you and you community to be happy long term?
Love supports your power?
Love supports your clarity?
Love supports your health?
The more people who are at ease the better off we and life on our planet will be?
Following your own compass, it shows you your path the one that’s right for you?
Wishing you Love