We Thank You Walter Meyer, Master Gong Maker

Sometime in the 1980’s, before Paiste changed the thickness of their special Gong brass, Walter Meyer, Master Gong Maker, made this Sound Creation Gong Nr.1 as part of a series of small gongs for sound healing practitioners. Most of these practitioners were in Europe, many in Germany. A few percussionists bought them for their unusual sound. These Sound Creation Gong are rare and special for those of us privileged to work with them.
Walter Meyer, you live on with us though your life’s work. We thank you for creating this Sun (Sound Creation Gong Nr. 1) that supports endurance, general metabolism, sexual energy and much more.

Interestingly, this Gong caused me (Christopher) to stand more erect after playing it for the first time with Neptune Gong at Holistic Well last night.

Below are a few more of our treasured and rare Gongs from the Sound Creation Series…Water Gong and Moon Gong also made by Walter Meyer.