Valuable Used, New and Rare Gongs For Sale


To place an order call Christopher “The Gong Hunter” at 248.721.7094 and leave a message. He will call you back. ❤️

The Gong Hunter has 1 Rare Paiste Gong

24″ Moon Sound Creation Gong $1500 +shipping. This is more than a Gong. This is a piece of Paiste Gong history. This Sound Creation Moon Gong was made by Walter Meyer   For more information search Walter Meyer Master Gong Maker or sign up for classes with Aidan McIntyre in the United Kingdom 
Currently hunting for more rare and used Paiste Gongs to make available to you. SOLD

We always post our own photos for used Gongs that we have for sale.
New Paiste Gong Prices (good until the next factory price increase “expected” by March 2017 or sooner. Kind of a gong mystery) 

NEW Paiste Gongs at minimum allowed prices with or without logo or with Tai Loi Charcters (prices don’t include shipping)  {Planet Gong Prices} (mallets not included) 

20″ PSG  $482 

22″ PSG $554

24″ PSG $798 

 {Venus, Uranus, Neptune, Synod Moon, Sidereal Moon, 24″ Planet Gongs $884}

26″ PSG $920 

28″ PSG $1030 

{Jupiter, Sidereal Earth Day, 28″ Planet Gongs $1190}

30″ PSG $1224 

{Platonic Earth Year, 30″ Planet Gong $1360}

32″ PSG $1360 

{Mercury, Mars, Chiron, Nibiru, Saturn, 32″ Planet Gongs $1496}

34″ PSG $1836 

36″ PSG $2186

{Pluto 36″ Planet Gong $2380}

38″ PSG $2754

{Earth Year, Sun, Sedna 38″ Planet Gongs $3026}

40″ PSG $4386

50″ PSG $9520

60″ PSG $18,020

80″ PSG 27,720