SOLD Two nearly new Paiste Planet Gongs for xxxx SOLD

Thank you these beauties are SOLD ❤️
This Sun and New Moon are on their way to their new home.
This year make someone special very happy.
Buy them these Paiste Sun and Synodic Moon Gongs.
These Gongs can make that special Gong player in your life very happy this Hanukah, Christmas, New Years, Birthday or as the perfect set of engagement Gongs.




These two beauties come as a set.
Also included are Gong bags for each, 3 Paiste Mallets
And the custom made octagonal Gong stands.
Minimum Cost Brand new
2636.00 Sun
792.00 New Moon
83.00 M3
88.00 M5
94.00 M6
195.00 Made in the USA Tuxedo Bag for 38″ Gong
109.00 Made in the USA Tuxedo Bag for 24″ Gong
$550.00 ( conservative price ) Two custom made Octagonal Gong Stands

Minimum Total
$4447.00 + shipping

Your total cost for local pick up $3500.00
Or we can ship for an additional cost.

These Gongs are in near perfect condition.

Call us if you feel them calling you.