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My Personal Experience Learning with Michael Bettine in Gongtopia

During the Thanksgiving Holiday…
I was blessed with the opportunity to have a private 6 hour lesson with Michael Bettine, a master percussionist and artist with more than 40 years working with gongs and metal instruments as a musician. Working with Michael and his Gongs in his recording studio was a spiritual experience for me. There is a sort of magic that happened for me. As one has been studying the alternative healing arts for over 25 years, this meeting with Michael Bettine, another artist who’s techniques spring forth from a different lens – the lens of a classically trained musician who happens to love the work of John Cage. I, as magician, see Michael as a magician as well. Our relationship with our craft is different, however, what we are giving our planet is quite similar. We both create art though the Gong for people that gives each individual special access to themselves. This special access gives individuals clarity and peace inside and thus creates greater global clarity and a spreading opportunity for more lasting world peace.
As long as we continue to create and share our art we are succeeding in the evolution of a healthy society and a healthy world.

When I left Gongtopia every cell in my body was buzzing my head was full of musical comets. I knew I’d forgotten to ask some questions.

Michael shared some new techniques, perspectives, and colors that have already led to Carol and me to having new resources to call upon from the Gongs, Bowls, Bells … to serve you and our community in our private and group sound therapy sessions.

Last night, November 30th, I played our Sacred Gongs much as I have in the past, adding just a smidgen of what I learned with Michael. This session for me was notably more grounding.

I, like any true healing artist, will continue to practice, learn, and expand my techniques to serve you, myself, and our world.

~ Christopher Davis

Advance Ticket Purchase Link for Night Long Healing Gong Immersion

We know this experience will show up powerfully for you and everyone else in attendance in exactly the way it is needed to.
Gong Immersions are known for:
* Cleansing and charging the meridians and chakras with energy
* Expanding your inner peace and power
* Enhancing Clarity and Insight
* Strengthening the immune system
* Healing the nervous system
* Accessing higher states of consciousness.
* Increased intuition
* Feeling as if you have received a full body massage
* Releasing patterns and emotions that no longer serve you
* And more
Questions: Call Christopher 248.721.7094 or Carol 248.390.6227

October 19th,
8:30pm until 5:00am
Birmingham Unitarian Church (main entrance)
38651 Woodward Ave Bloomfield Hills

At 9 pm this event is scheduled to begin with Jim Stout facilitating a short, gentle, restorative yoga class to support your relaxation in this sacred space.

Oct 2 – Oct 18: $85.00
Regular Price: $120.00 at the door


To insure quality, space is limited to 50 guests.

**Please arrive by 8:45 pm. Doors close at 9 pm.
You may leave early or stay as long as you like.

Please bring :
Enough padding to sleep comfortably on the floor all night.
A water bottle to keep with you for night.
Blanket(s) (please no sleeping bags with zippers)
( optional eye covering )

*You will need enough soft padding so as to be comfortable on the floor all night….We recommend a camping pad or 4 to 6 inches of thickness.

Questions: Message us or call/text Christopher at 248.721.7094

There will be Muffins and refreshments in the morning after the Immersion.

Also note: there will be plenty of time to relax, talk, and hang out together for those who stay all night and wish to do so.

The Birmingham Unitarian Church is not a sponsor of this event. Nor are they affiliated with Sacred Wave Gong Immersions. They are kind enough to rent us their Sanctuary, a beautiful acoustic space for these events.

If you have trouble with PayPal txt Christopher 2487217094 for alternative instructions on where to send a check or money order.

Ticket purchase includes your space October 19th + Muffins and morning refreshments Oct 20th
The current schedule is 8:30 pm to 5 am

The event to take place in the Birmingham Unitarian Church Sanctuary Oct 19th 8:30pm to 4am followed by muffins and refreshments.

Please Bring the following:
bottled water
thick padding (2 or more inches thick) to sleep on comfortably all night.
Two blankets
A pillow