Play to Remember

We play the Gong to remember our humanity
We play to remember our true selves
We will more likely save ourselves than the earth
The earth doesn’t need us
She was alive before she birthed humanity
If our species should parish Gaia shall live on
So play the Gong to praise the most high
Praise the Supreme Creator
Play for clarity
Play to give thanks
Play to reverence
Play to All being
Play to the part of you that is “The Divine”
Play that we might live and love for eternity
Play to the mystery
In spite of all that is broken Play to that which is good
If we should happen to save the earth Hallelujah!!!
If we should save our selves and species then we are truly blessed
Play to bless everyone and everything that wishes to receive
– Christopher Davis 11:53 PM February 16 2016

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