Recordings and how you may use them:

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Always listen to our work at rest, with the TV off

We title many or all of our tracks metaphorically!

Our new album Midnight Passage to Freedom
This album was composed for deep self transformation including support for those overcoming addiction(s).
Disk 1
Track 1 “Into the passage”
Helps you to let go deeply. It is Spacey, relaxing, ungrounding, floaty.
Good for rest and sleeping

Track 2 “Midnight”
Your inner work begins in ernest

Disk 2
Track 3
Track 4

Our Album Released in November 2013 “Waking Up In The Sea Of Space”
All the tracks are also available on SacredWaveGongImmersions.bandcamp
On this page we are providing you with definitions, descriptions and easy to follow instructions for each track. (Scroll Down)
We are dedicated to empowering people to coming into their own power.
AKA helping people achieve enlightenment/freedom through Gong Music and Sound Therapies
AKA allowing your innate healing ability to heal you in what ever healing means to you
AKA connection to your own free will (the ability to chose thoughtfully in any situation)
AKA communion with your inner Guru
By the way enlightenment is a process that normally takes more than 30minutes to achieve. While we would like to provide an instantaneous permanent enlightenment vehicle it will probably require persistence and dedication on your part.



We recommend that you use high quality headphones for the binaural benefits or highest quality stereo system available with a subwoofer to experience the greatest range of sound from our album and our other tracks available on
What is Binaural? This means that if you use headphones you will receive the greater benefits of achieving various brainwave states from different music in each ear.
Brain Wave States:
Delta: deep sleep and rejuvenation
Theta: deeply meditating and or sleeping, lucid dreaming, increased immune function.
Alpha: meditation, epiphanies, relaxed and awake
Beta: awake, alert, motivated, focused
Gamma: wide awake, focused, high functioning state under stress.

Ambient means that it is for clearing or setting space for one purpose or another.

“Waking Up In The Sea Of Space”
Pluto Plays With Whales: An ambient track to relax and reset your mind and personal space.

Deep Dreams: composed binaurally to help you to achieve deep dreamy sleep.

Green: composed binaurally for sleep, rejuvenation, meditation, cleansing and healing the Heart Chakra.

Good Afternoon: ambient track for working on work projects and increasing effectiveness when in one or more of the following states: stressed,grieving, tired, board, after eating,

In The Sea Of Space: an ambient track that helps us have focus while being relaxed. Or relaxing after work or stressful situation. (a few people have reported relief from back pain)

We also have additional tracks on
Titles and uses of our additional Tracks On
-Floatation Chamber: composed binaurally for deep relaxation, visions, sleep, lucid dreaming
-Gratitude : ambient relaxation / sleep track