Grief in the space of the Gong

We all have loved ones missing from our life. Grieving is one of the most difficult emotional states for us to deal with. It is complicated even for therapists. Many of us are told “get over it”. Let Us be Clear one does not “just” get over grief. We humans have feelings to process and to accept and complete. Therefore, we go THROUGH grief, until we have come to a clearer sense of understanding. This is an individualized process.
Grief has a psycho/physiological effect upon our digestion.
In short, shock disrupts digestion and balanced neurotransmitter production and is exacerbated by the confusion, physical weakness and the desire for life to return to “normal”.
Music and sound has a long standing history of helping us get in touch with our feelings.
When we are grieving we are given an unplanned, unwelcome opportunity to grow. Maybe we are offered the ability to become soft like the Tai Chi master. We could accept that we will cry when we need to cry,and sleep when we need to sleep. As embarrassing as it might be for us, it might also free us and give us better health.