Community Support

We act on supporting our world community.

Gong Immersions at our studio are always fundraising.

We donate a minimum of 10% of the reservation price for all Gong Events at our studio.

Currently we support :
Gilda’s Club Metro Detroit.

We provide 100% fundraising or free Gong Concerts and events multiple times for Charities, non profits and special needs organizations.

We gladly donate our time giving Gong Immersion at Support Programs for people with severe or debilitating illnesses and their families.
Such as veterans groups, cancer, PTSD, poverty, homelessness ….

If your non-profit / community support organization would like to host a Sacred Wave Gong Immersion call us … because email is simply too impersonal of a way to begin a relationship.

If you know of an organization you feel we could help give us a call and tell us who they are and their contact information.

Christopher Davis 248.721.7094
Carol Damoth 248.390.6227