Giving Away One Free Gong Immersion to Everyone April 4th though May 8th.

We are celebrating Sacred Wave Gong Immersions’ third birthday.
From April 4th through May 8th 2015 by giving EVERYONE the Gift of ONE FREE SACRED WAVE GONG IMMERSION at the Sacred Wave Gong Studio, 301 W. Fourth St., Suite 490, Royal Oak MI, 48067
Bring spouses, bring friends, bring co-workers, bring family.
Bring water, a blanket, ( pillow and eye covering optional ).

Here’s our schedule. You will need a reservation 248.721.7094

Weekly Studio Gong Immersion schedule and fees. ⭐️

Soft Landing Sunday
11 AM to 12:30 (DONATION)
1 PM to 2:30 (suggested $25)
3 PM to 4:30 (suggested $25)
5 PM to 6:30 (suggested $25)

Magical Manifestation Mondays
8 AM to 9 (suggested $15)
7 PM to 8:30 (suggested $25)

Transformation Tuesday
7 PM to 8:45 (suggested $25)

Sacred Saturday
9 AM (suggested $25)

Sacred Wave Gong Studio
301 W. Fourth St., Suite 490
Royal Oak MI, 48067

Reservations Necessary ⭐️
contact / call / text Christopher Davis 2487217094
☀️25% of the proceeds from our Gong Immersions go to support local charities.☀️

The past three years with all of you have certainly been some of the most powerful and dramatic years in my 25 year practice of bodywork, sound therapies and personal healing as well as Carol Damoth’s 25+ years as a psychologist, cranial sacral therapy and healing touch partitioner.

Looking back if Carol and I had not been generously invited to experience a Gong Yoga session at the Yoga By Design Foundation fundraiser in 2011 we may have never experienced the powerful sound healing benefits of the Sacred Gong. We were there donating our time and with the sound healing work of drums. We would have gone home.

We are reminded often that the word Gong in the United States is expressly connected to The Gong Show. Where people were Gonged of the show with a horrible noise because one or more of the judges didn’t like their performance. People even call us the Gong Show. (We think it’s cute and funny)

All of this is simply more reason to give you and your friends the opportunity to have a free session on us.