Don’t tell me what to do! I Am the captain of my ship!

If the title of this article sounds like you, you may really enjoy our Gong Immersions or private Gong sessions because you are correct. You are the only one who can make your choices, have your realizations, expand your perceptions.
The sound therapy and energy medicine space of the Gong and facilitator(s) is designed for you to access more of your innate intelligence. Greater clarity in your inner dialogue, a sense of ease,

You heal yourself, with the aid of the songs of the Gongs and energy medicine, by Your own inner priority. Your inner priority is smarter than anyone about what your needs are.

We are here to help you heal yourself and our communities be a much happier harmonious places. Our Gong Immersions are places where we can get together, be inside ourselves ,get internally clear, process what we individually need to process, relax and go forth with Joy in our hearts.

We all deserve to be happy

Every Week studio Gong Immersion schedule with prices

Soft Landing Sunday
11 AM to 12:30 (DONATION)
1 PM to 2:30 (suggested $25)
3 PM to 4:30 (suggested $25)
5 PM to 6:30 (suggested $25)

Magical Meditation Mondays
8 AM to 9 (suggested $15)
7 PM to 8:30 (suggested $25)

Transformation Tuesday
7 PM to 8:45 (suggested $25)

Sacred Saturday
9 AM (suggested $25)

We have relaxation padding for you to lay on.

Bring: a blanket, and water Optional: eye covering and pillow

✨to assure your space reservations are necessary✨
Call or text Christopher 248.721.7094 (best for first visit)

Reserve space via MeetUp