Corner Stones of Sacred Wave Gong Immersions’ Philosophy

Corner Stones of
Sacred Wave Gong Immersions’

We believe everyone’s healing is their own. Your process is a sacred process between you and Spirit, however you define that. We create a clear, safe and loving space for you to engage in your own process and consider it an honor to hold that space for you.

We have no talking during, no content, chanting, singing, anchoring or programming, During or After a Gong Immersion (With the exception of the tree rooting into the earth visualization for grounding, centering and balancing at the end) because the Gong produces a very open state of consciousness in those who have been in a sound immersion.

No two gong Immersions are alike
They are a function of the day, the clarity of the player(s) and the individuals present.
The Gong sounds show up for those (clients) present in the way that they need them to in accordance with their healing priorities.

To play a Gong well it must be treated as more than a well hammered piece of metal.
The Gongs hear as well as speak.

It is important to us that our clients think for themselves.
Thinking for themselves allows them be clients not followers or cattle.
Meanings of colors, visions etc are about the recipient not the facilitator.
The meanings that they hold are more important to their lives than our definitions for those experiences.
We believe that there is power in life being a creative process of free and inspired choice.
To reinforce this ideal, we remind people that their answers are inside of them. We, along with the Gongs, help our clients to clarify, remember and access their own power.