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Play to Remember

We play the Gong to remember our humanity
We play to remember our true selves
We will more likely save ourselves than the earth
The earth doesn’t need us
She was alive before she birthed humanity
If our species should parish Gaia shall live on
So play the Gong to praise the most high
Praise the Supreme Creator
Play for clarity
Play to give thanks
Play to reverence
Play to All being
Play to the part of you that is “The Divine”
Play that we might live and love for eternity
Play to the mystery
In spite of all that is broken Play to that which is good
If we should happen to save the earth Hallelujah!!!
If we should save our selves and species then we are truly blessed
Play to bless everyone and everything that wishes to receive
– Christopher Davis 11:53 PM February 16 2016

Upcoming Events

March 4th “The Sea of Peace”

The Sea of Peace





an 8+ Hour Healing Gong Symphony Experience
10% of the ticket price going to Gilda’s Club Metro Detroit

The Birmingham Unitarian Church
38651 Woodward Ave
Bloomfield Hills
MI 48304

Friday, March 4th
Doors open at 8:30
Symphony scheduled to begin at 9:15 PM

⭐️Please arrive before 9 PM sorry, NO Admittance after 9 PM
You will be able to leave when ever you’d like.

What you need to BRING:
Padding to lie upon (unless you buy the padding package)
Clean Blanket(s)
Pillows if you like

* We will create safe space to open your Heart and Process on all levels of your being.
* We will bring more than 8 Paiste Gongs to share their music.
* Healthy snacks will be provided at the end of the session

This quite possibly maybe the most restorative, insightful, and inspiring night sleep you will have enjoyed in years

After attending our Gong Symphonies people have reported experiencing:

* Expanded inner peace and personal empowerment
* Enhanced Clarity and Insight
* Personally Powerful Visions and Dreams
* Strengthening of the immune system
* Healing of the nervous system
* Accessing higher states of consciousness.
* Clearing and empowering of the meridians, chakras and aura with light to allow your energy to flow
* Increased intuition
* Creative Solutions
* Feeling as if they have received a total body massage
* Releasing patterns and emotions that no longer serve them
* Increased Vitality
* Marked increase in synchronicities

This experience will show up for you and everyone else in attendance in exactly the way it is needed for your personal growth and healing.
For Questions
Christopher Davis CNHP / Sound Therapy Practitioner 248.721.7094
Carol Damoth Psychotherapist / CNHP 248.390.6227




Peace in the Sea of Sound

We invite you to enjoy the sensations of having your entire body
caressed by the loving Sacred Waves of healing sounds.
Find more inner Peace.
Tap into your higher wisdom.
Gain greater clarity in mind, body and spirit
Meditate as if you’ve been practicing for years or decades.
Connect with your inner power for self healing.

Every week we offer public Gong Immersions on Sunday and Monday at the Sacred Wave Gong Studio.
On the Full Moon and New Moon we have Gong Empowerments
301 W. Fourth St., Suite 490
Royal Oak MI, 48067
We offer private sessions
We travel to provide Sacred Wave Gong Immersions at other
locations such as churches, yoga and martial arts studios

Our most up to date Link to our Sacred Wave Gong Sessions

Weekly Gong Schedule and Reservation Links for January and February 2016
Soft Landing Sundays 1 PM- 2:30 Reservations Here
Soft Landing Sundays 3 PM- 4:30 Reservations Here
Soft Landing Sundays 5 PM- 6:30 Reservations Here
Mondays 7 PM Reservations Link
4th Mondays at the Tree of Life Holistic Center in Farmington 4th Monday Reservations

We are holding our third Introduction to The Sacred Wave Way of the Gong Class January 12th at 7PM : reservation for the Sacred Wave Gong Orchestra intro training

With Joy and Love
Christopher and Carol


December 11th though January 7th 2016

Another Lunar Month has begun.
Another reason to delve deeper.
Another opportunity to unwind further.
Another opportunity to take better care of ourselves as well as each other..

Now in the Season of Lights, the Sun Gong has returned to our studio.
Carol’s Sun Gong supports your inner strength and resources, as well as aiding you in clearing blockages and attracting what you need and desire.

If you have a gift certificate call or text Christopher Davis 248.721.7094 for a reservation.

Reservation Links:
Soft Landing Sundays 1 PM, 3 PM, 5 PM
4th Monday at The Tree of Life Holistic Center in Farmngton
More coming
Transformation Tuesday

Gongalicious Holiday Special !!!

Come to any Gong Immersion between now and January 1st and
purchase 8 $25 Sacred Wave Gong Immersion gift certificates for $160 (save $40) and receive a private free one hour bodywork, massage, energy medicine, or sound therapy session with Christopher Davis ($95 value)
⭐️Your private session must be used for an appointment prior to February 12th 2016
Phone Christopher at 248.721.7094

Our regular weekly Gong Immersion Schedule now through January 11th
Sundays: 1 PM to 2:30 / 3 PM to 4:30 / 5 PM to 6:30
Mondays: 7 PM to 8:30
Tuesdays: 7 PM to 8:30

If you’re interested buy a ticket and your purchase becomes part your package.
Ticket Link to our Events

This holiday special is going on now through January 1st ✨




“Empowering Awareness Through Harmony” November 17th through December 11

Every lunar month for your expanded experience we have new and different Gong and Singing Bowl arrangements in our studio.
We continually create innovative healing arrangements with our Gongs, Bowls, Bells, Tone Generators and Drums ….

Our theme for this lunar month is Empowerment through Harmony
We invite you to bring your intuition, imagination and magical self and come enjoy one of the many Sacred Wave Gong Immersions we have scheduled through out the lunar month.

Reservations recommended to insure your space.
248.721.7094 for more information.
Studio Schedule Upcoming Gong Events





Gales of Gratitude – Sacred Wave Gong Empowerment Saturday, November 21st

This will be a deep 2 hour group sound healing, diving into empowerment, clarity, consciousness, and beyond through the songs and waves of our Sacred Gongs.
We will have a number of other therapeutic Gongs as well as hands on energy medicine for those interested.

Buy Tickets For “Gales Of Gatitude”

Doors open at 6:15
No entry after 7:00

We want you to be comfortable
Because this will be at the Birmingham Unitarian Church
⭐️BRING with you:
padding enough to be comfortable lying for 2 hours
camping pad, Yoga mat + sleeping bag. * a yoga mat alone will not likely be sufficient
Or a reclining lawn chair
Clean throw blanket(s)
Eye covering
Prayers and good wishes for yourself and others ( you may bring an unlimited number of prayers and wishes. )
Bad attitudes and self limiting beliefs you are ready to heal, release and transform.

Reserved your ticket(s) now in advance
advance price $40 each Buy Tickets For “Gales Of Gatitude”

For questions call or text Christopher Davis 248-721-7094

Tickets are $45 per person at the Door “IF there are any Available”

Buy Tickets For “Gales Of Gatitude”