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 New 2017 Gong Schedule / Upcoming Gong Events and catching up on old news 

The Gongs and I have covered a whole lot of ground already in 2017

We still have weekly Gong Immersion and now we are offering Gong Empowerments

Sunday 3pm Gong Empowerments

Sunday 5pm Gong Immersions 

Tuesday 7pm Gong Immersions or Empowerments (depends on the energy) 

About once every month at The Tree of Life Holistic Center in Farmington

Get tickets here: ⭐️⭐️⭐️Ticket Link ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Gong Empowerments are much like our Immersions but with different themes as well as some specific spiritual energies. Some do have somewhat religious themes as we are bringing together the Light from many different spiritual cultures and religions. We still wish for you to have your own personally informed spiritual beliefs. We are offering the experience as well as uplifting blessings of some spiritual energies we are in tune with. 

We have scheduled another Night Long Healing Gong Immersion February 10th at the Pine Hill Congregational Church on Middlebelt Rd in West Bloomfield MI. Doors open at 8:30 PM. Gong Symphony set to begin at 9 PM. Then gongs will massage and caress your soul until after 5AM Afterwards refreshments will be served, herbal tea and gluten free vegan muffins and other healthful goodies.  


We finished 2016 at Gilda’s Club Metro Detroit,  The Tree Of Life Holistic Center and finally our studio! 

Gilda’s Club December 28 2016

Our Studio January 1st 2017 

then it was off into the wild blue yonder including the  NEW 359 Degree Yoga 359 in Wyandotte MI 

“Light of Christ Gong Empowerment” January 6 2017    

“Light of Christ Gong Empowerment Tour” 

Sacred Wave Gong Immersions “Light of Christ Gong Empowerment Tour” 

December 2016 / New Year Jan 2017 

Calling upon the Light of Christ Consciousness with through the Sound of our Sacred Gongs  
Fri, Dec 30 The Tree of Life Holistic Center 7- 9PM Reserve your space(s) at Tree of Life Holistic Center
Fri, Jan 6 359 Degree Yoga 7 – 8:30PM Reserve your space(s) at 359 Degree Yoga 

Saturday, Jan 7 Pine Hill Congregational Church West Bloomfield (Sanctuary) 10 to 11:30AM More info about the service at Pine Hill
Full Moon Fri, Jan 13 Good Karma Yoga 7 to 9 PM  Reserve your space(s) at Good Karma Yoga 

Sacred Wave Gong Orchestra Introductory Training Course

Sacred Wave Gong Orchestra Introductory Training Course
with Gongolier Christopher Davis

This training is for people who wish to explore the Sacred Wave Way of the Gong.

You will learn ;
The Sacred Wave Gong Philosophy
about Paiste Gongs as well some others types and brands.
basic gong playing techniques.
to properly play the Sacred Gong with others to evoke clarity, beauty, peace, compassion,and healing.
You will play get to play gongs.
You will have the opportunity to ask plenty of questions.
As a course final you will have the opportunity to participate in a Healing Night Long Sacred Wave Gong Symphony.
You do not need musical experience or previous gong playing experience to enjoy and learn in this training.
You may order New Mallets and Gongs though out the training.

Where :
Sacred Wave Gong Studio
301 W. Fourth St., Suite 490
Royal Oak MI 48067

When :
This will class will meet a total of 8 times 7 times on Tuesdays at 7 PM to 9 PM

Course Dates
January 12
January 19
January 26

There is a break from class on February 2nd Groundhog Day / Imbloc

February 9
February 16
February 23
March 1 st

Friday, March 4th (final class)
Night Long Sacred Wave Gong Symphony
Location to be announced.

$350 for those who register with a $100.00 deposit by January 1st
$400 for those who register with a $100.00 deposited after January 1st. by January 11th.
To register or to ask questions
contact Christopher Davis
By phone: 248.721.7094
By email:
By US Postal Service:
Sacred Wave Gong Studio
301 W. Fourth St., Suite 490
Royal Oak MI 48067
use this link to pay with your credit card. or contact Christopher 248.721.7094

Christopher Davis, has been an energy medicine practitioner, massage therapist, bodyworker, and student for over 25 years. He is a Certified Natural Health Professional, C.N.H.P., Reiki Master/Teacher, massage therapist, bodyworker, and Sound Therapy Practitioner. Christopher believes in every individual’s ability to heal and evolve. He knows from experience that your inner compass, when released from trauma and fear, opens to courage, optimism, harmony and Love. This will lead you to health as well as lead you in your true direction. He is honored to support this process.




My Personal Experience Learning with Michael Bettine in Gongtopia

During the Thanksgiving Holiday…
I was blessed with the opportunity to have a private 6 hour lesson with Michael Bettine, a master percussionist and artist with more than 40 years working with gongs and metal instruments as a musician. Working with Michael and his Gongs in his recording studio was a spiritual experience for me. There is a sort of magic that happened for me. As one has been studying the alternative healing arts for over 25 years, this meeting with Michael Bettine, another artist who’s techniques spring forth from a different lens – the lens of a classically trained musician who happens to love the work of John Cage. I, as magician, see Michael as a magician as well. Our relationship with our craft is different, however, what we are giving our planet is quite similar. We both create art though the Gong for people that gives each individual special access to themselves. This special access gives individuals clarity and peace inside and thus creates greater global clarity and a spreading opportunity for more lasting world peace.
As long as we continue to create and share our art we are succeeding in the evolution of a healthy society and a healthy world.

When I left Gongtopia every cell in my body was buzzing my head was full of musical comets. I knew I’d forgotten to ask some questions.

Michael shared some new techniques, perspectives, and colors that have already led to Carol and me to having new resources to call upon from the Gongs, Bowls, Bells … to serve you and our community in our private and group sound therapy sessions.

Last night, November 30th, I played our Sacred Gongs much as I have in the past, adding just a smidgen of what I learned with Michael. This session for me was notably more grounding.

I, like any true healing artist, will continue to practice, learn, and expand my techniques to serve you, myself, and our world.

~ Christopher Davis