Bringing up the elephant in the room

Dear friends
I made a mistake said something stupid that I wished I hadn’t. I tried to clear it but I fumbled and moved on.
Today the client I said it to brought it up to clear the air. They gave me the opportunity to apologize. I am very grateful they could have harbored their irritation with my moment of dissonance but instead they called me and said “Do you have a minute?” I said yes, they said “Ok. I would like to clear something up…”
It took courage for them to make the call. I appreciate the opportunity to retract my fumbled words and apologize.
I am human. I make mistakes. I will be growing my whole life long. I “practice” forgiveness, getting better at it.
Forgiveness is currently the main focus on Monday Mornings now.

You too can bring up your elephant with me or someone else. I can only speak for myself and promise to do my best to correct the previous the experience(s) and move on to brighter times apart or Together.

With optimistic courage and love,
Christopher Davis