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March 4th “The Sea of Peace”

The Sea of Peace





an 8+ Hour Healing Gong Symphony Experience
10% of the ticket price going to Gilda’s Club Metro Detroit

The Birmingham Unitarian Church
38651 Woodward Ave
Bloomfield Hills
MI 48304

Friday, March 4th
Doors open at 8:30
Symphony scheduled to begin at 9:15 PM

⭐️Please arrive before 9 PM sorry, NO Admittance after 9 PM
You will be able to leave when ever you’d like.

What you need to BRING:
Padding to lie upon (unless you buy the padding package)
Clean Blanket(s)
Pillows if you like

* We will create safe space to open your Heart and Process on all levels of your being.
* We will bring more than 8 Paiste Gongs to share their music.
* Healthy snacks will be provided at the end of the session

This quite possibly maybe the most restorative, insightful, and inspiring night sleep you will have enjoyed in years

After attending our Gong Symphonies people have reported experiencing:

* Expanded inner peace and personal empowerment
* Enhanced Clarity and Insight
* Personally Powerful Visions and Dreams
* Strengthening of the immune system
* Healing of the nervous system
* Accessing higher states of consciousness.
* Clearing and empowering of the meridians, chakras and aura with light to allow your energy to flow
* Increased intuition
* Creative Solutions
* Feeling as if they have received a total body massage
* Releasing patterns and emotions that no longer serve them
* Increased Vitality
* Marked increase in synchronicities

This experience will show up for you and everyone else in attendance in exactly the way it is needed for your personal growth and healing.
For Questions
Christopher Davis CNHP / Sound Therapy Practitioner 248.721.7094
Carol Damoth Psychotherapist / CNHP 248.390.6227