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Global Gong and Sound Healing of Love for the Fukushima Nuclear Accident

In this time of reasonable global fear and uncertainty around the Fukushima Daichi nuclear accident, we, the human race, are called upon to compassionately heal our mistakes and thus our planet.

Currently there is no known mainstream scientific solution for the Fukushima Daiichi meltdown in Japan.

We, again the human race, do have a way of creating such solution. The way is simple. The way is Love, via global meditation. By channeling the energy of our collective love. We can collectively put our Love into all the waters of our planet, the soil of our planet and the air of our planet.

The legend of the Maharishi effect says that if 1 in every 10,000 people on our planet meditate for this purpose for 30 to 180 days we shall have success.
We are succeeding. Love is the way and the answer.
To achieve 1 in every 10,000 people together we need to be 800,000 plus people daily – visualizing /praying / meditating on the miraculous healing of Fukushima.

Participants are invited to practice self-forgiveness as well as forgiveness for the ignorance leading to the Fukushima Melt down. Even if this is difficult for you, your participation is much appreciated.

All participants are invited to daily viscerally feeling and visualizing our world, (water, air and soil) being healthy, vital and life- giving to plants, insects, animals and humans.

On this day, the 21st day of June 2015 The Summer Solstice
Carol and me along with Gaia G, Sun G, Neptune G and Bell G will be practicing this in Port Huron near the Huron Lightship Museum
Pine Grove Park
Thomas Edison Pkwy and Prospect Pl
Near the Huron Lightship Museum.

To reach us
Christopher Davis 248-721-7094
Carol Damoth 248-390-6227

All welcome. FREE no charge or fee






Gong event schedule Tuesday June 16th though Tuesday June 23rd

This week’s schedule:
Transformation Tuesday at our studio
5 – 6:30 PM ($25 per person)
7 – 8:45 PM ($25 per person)

Free event Wednesday at Affirmations in Ferndale
Gong Immersion with hands on energy medicine
7 PM

Summer Solstice Sacred Saturday June 20
Gaia at Meininger Park,
Maxwell Avenue and Crane
1 1/2 blocks South of Catalpa on Maxwell
Royal Oak 48067
9 AM -10:30 AM
50% of the proceeds going to Women’s Essential Needs Fund of the Wobbly Kitchen
$25 per person
Incase of rain:
I will go to the Sacred Wave Gong Immersions’ Studio
301 W. 4th St. Suite 490
Call or text for a studio reservation 248-721-7094
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Global Gong and love Healing Fukushima Accident (FREE)
Sunday, June 21
Pine Grove Park port Huron Michigan
Next to the Huron lightship museum
3 PM to 6 PM

Mellow Monday June 22nd
7 PM to 8:30 PM at the studio

Transformation Tuesday
5 PM to 6:30 PM
7 PM to 8:45 PM


Neptune is a far out cat. He never comes to Earth, always flying high, diving deep, floating, relaxing… When Neptune sings he can take us to many different places. His songs give us the opportunity to free ourselves mind, body and spirit. What exactly will happen FOR you is unknown. You might go on a vacation to see the deep sea or outer space. You might revisit your past. You might receive that epiphany that has eluded you because you work so hard to find it.
He will help you to let go, to get high, to get deep. To find your poetic, philosophical, artistic and mystical natures. He will help you get the splinter out of you visionary eye.

Neptune reminds us
“When I relax I can feel and be who I really am.”

Christopher Davis

Wobbly Kitchen / Women’s Essential Needs Fundraiser June 1 – June 30

We are donating 25% of the Gong Sound Therapy sessions in our studio to the the Wobbly Kitchen’s Women’s Special Needs Fund
This includes private Gong Sound therapy as well as Spaces at our regular sessions.

Weekly Studio Gong Immersion schedule all sessions are $25 or what you can afford to give.
Packages also available.

Soft Landing Sunday
1 PM to 2:30
3 PM to 4:30
5 PM to 6:30

Magical Manifestation Mondays
8 AM to 9 ⭐️$15
7 PM to 8:30

Transformation Tuesday
7 PM to 8:45

Sacred Saturday
9 AM – 10:30

Sacred Wave Gong Studio
301 W. Fourth St., Suite 490
Royal Oak MI, 48067

Reservations Necessary to assure your space ⭐️
contact / call / text Christopher Davis 248721704
☀️25% of the proceeds from our Gong Immersions go to support local charities.☀️

For a private appointments or sessions for individuals, groups, families to have us to your location for a special event
you may contact
Carol Damoth MA, LLP, CHTP,… 248.390.6226
and / or
Christopher Davis SHP, LMT, CNHP,… 248.721.7094