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Night Long Healing Gong Immersion March 6th

Night Long Healing Gong Immersion Friday, March 6th
Exploring the Expanse of Your Peace
At Birmingham Unitarian Church
Doors at 7
Gongs to Sing 8PM to 4AM
Advance tickets when you attend a Gong Immersion at our studio $100
Advance tickets on $125
Tickets at the door $140
Early Discount Tickets will be available on by 7PM Friday Feb 20


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Friday, February 20th “Passage to Freedom”

We look forward to being with you for our next Gong Immersion.
We are celebrating the completion and release of our newest double CD
“Midnight Passage To Freedom”
We composed this album to be listened to at home or office to enhance your meditation or sleep.
25% of the proceeds from the event as well as CD sales are going to FernCare Free Clinic Inc.
Advance Tickets and Ticket with a CD

We composed this album to be listened to at home or office to enhance your meditation or sleep. The therapeutic value we composed into “Midnight Passage To Freedom” is communicated through metaphor.
“Into The Passage” is the beginning of your journey. A very relaxing, dream inspiring and expansive track.
“Midnight” is the space where you are well into your journey. This is where your issues can easily rise to be processed by Your higher intelligence while you lie down meditating or sleeping.
“The Beautiful Darkness Just Before Dawn” brings a continued opportunity for You to processes very deeply into your unconscious. This can happen with conscious awareness or without.
“Feeling Awake In The New World” is a higher energy track containing the therapeutic values of Freedom, Contentment and Clarity.


Observations from Last Night’s Gong Immersion

We chose to have our first “Gong Immersion for all beings who Grieve” last night. We chose to do this Immersion because of the number of people we know and noticed who during and post winter holidays had major personal losses. This may have scared some people away but the 3 people who came to the Gong Immersion were very happy and pleased with how it felt for them. They all reported that it was very far out and stress relieving. One person reported that they experienced pain in their shoulder during the Immersion, this means that their body was doing some healing. All good news from the participants in the Immersion.

I, Christopher the facilitator, will share with you that for me two hours before” The Gong Immersion for all beings who Grieve” I began to feel grief, a whole lot of grief. Was it mine? Was it others? I suspect from my rational view it was only mine. I suspect from an energy view that the grief I was feeling was the amount of grief in the world that I as this facilitator could process while continuing to serve those present. This Gong Immersion was not comfortable for me, Always a Great sign a sign of growth. It was down right difficult and stressful. As I like to say the Gongs kicked my ass in a good way.

We will do this again because:

We feel You deserve opportunities to process and let go of grief that is blocking your happiness and success.

Intentional Grief Gong Immersions deserve further observation for learning about ourselves as humans and who knows what else we might learn.

May you love the world bravely,
Christopher Davis