Monthly Archives: September 2014

?So What Were We Thinking?

Sacred Wave Gong Immersions wants you to know what were we thinking and feeling when we said, “This is our price, or what you can afford to give”.
We wish anyone who would like to experience the healing songs of the Gongs to be able to do so.

We price our events with an awareness of the therapeutic value we bring and of the overhead expenses required for their creation. And we want you to know that if you wish to attend any of our Gong Immersions and are unable to pay the full ticket price, we still want you to join us.

We began this work to remind people of their personal power and reconnect them with their healing potential. We believe that when a group of people come together and allow the dynamic process of healing to occur, there is benefit to the greater whole.

So simply pay what you can and know that it will be more than enough to have the Light which is You ride the Wave with us.