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Different Stand Configuration Made From Black Pipe

This is one of many Gong configurations we experiment with in our studio for our group Sound Immersions.
Gongs pictured
Upper Row, Right to Left
Paiste Water Sound Creation, Paiste Saturn, Paiste Moon Sound Creation Series
Bottom Row, Right to Left
Paiste Tuned C#3, Paiste Mercury
Also pictured 2 Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls
D# and G#

T is for TEACHER (reflections on the Introduction to the Sacred Wave Way of the Gong)

The Gongs woke me early this morning to talk and play and this is what I have to share from that experience while reflecting on the Gong playing class we taught over the past weekend.
T is the shape of the stands we make to play 4 or more Gongs at a time.
One of the ways the Gong teaches all of us is by reflecting each of us back to ourselves. Deeper reflection occurs for many of us during and after Gong Immersions. Reflection from the vantage point of the deep, far out and expansive space of the Gong Immersion gives us each the opportunity to see new ways of dealing with our lives. Our lives aren’t always making us happy but they are always showing us something. The Gong helps us to observe and be more relaxed while we observe our life’s lessons. The Gong is a persistent and compassionate teacher. I didn’t say nice because what I’ve learned about myself and what I have observed others to learn hasn’t always been nice. It has ALWAY been useful, necessary and positive in the end. Sometimes it is difficult to discern which came first the release of an OUT LIVED PATTERN or the observation that the pattern was out lived. I find this process of healing, learning and learning to be a better person to be ongoing and always expanding into different areas of life. The Gong as a teacher has made this process more fun and enjoyable.
⭐️Our job as Gongolier is always to remain as clear as possible, follow and allow the voices of the Gongs to speak and sing.
We might be able to really control the process but then maybe we would just get what we always get, instead of what we want. Which is______________________________
(you get to fill in the blank).
Christopher “The Gong Hunter” Davis

PS These racks we use are often in the shape of a T. This makes it easy to stand and play the Gong. It also allows for more wondrous combinations of sound. They could just as easily be expanded to hold 6 Gongs, 4 seems to be more than enough power. Well most of the time.


Corner Stones of Sacred Wave Gong Immersions’ Philosophy

Corner Stones of
Sacred Wave Gong Immersions’

We believe everyone’s healing is their own. Your process is a sacred process between you and Spirit, however you define that. We create a clear, safe and loving space for you to engage in your own process and consider it an honor to hold that space for you.

We have no talking during, no content, chanting, singing, anchoring or programming, During or After a Gong Immersion (With the exception of the tree rooting into the earth visualization for grounding, centering and balancing at the end) because the Gong produces a very open state of consciousness in those who have been in a sound immersion.

No two gong Immersions are alike
They are a function of the day, the clarity of the player(s) and the individuals present.
The Gong sounds show up for those (clients) present in the way that they need them to in accordance with their healing priorities.

To play a Gong well it must be treated as more than a well hammered piece of metal.
The Gongs hear as well as speak.

It is important to us that our clients think for themselves.
Thinking for themselves allows them be clients not followers or cattle.
Meanings of colors, visions etc are about the recipient not the facilitator.
The meanings that they hold are more important to their lives than our definitions for those experiences.
We believe that there is power in life being a creative process of free and inspired choice.
To reinforce this ideal, we remind people that their answers are inside of them. We, along with the Gongs, help our clients to clarify, remember and access their own power.