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Our private sessions are custom designed for YOU and your life’s challenges…

Our private sessions are custom designed for YOU with special Frequencies, Singing Bowls and our Sacred Gongs to empower you and to address your particular life challenges.
We recognize that there are many kinds of people. There are more and less complicated challenges that enter our lives. These challenges sometimes need specialized attention.
For many of us, being in a room with a bunch of people we haven’t met, don’t know well or know too well, may be uncomfortable and therefore compromise our ability to relax and fully experience the empowerment and healing.
If you feel this way sometimes, a private sound and Gong Healing session is just what you need.

Carol and Christopher each have over 25 years of experience in energy and vibrational medicines and therapies.

A private session is a two hour appointment and our fee is $150.
(This fee is in effect until September, 2014)

We also offer Private hour long Sacred Wave Gong Immersions for you and up to 5 of your guests for the same price at Sacred Wave Gong Immersions Head Quarters. 301 W. Fourth St., Suite 490.

Waxing Moon at Shine On Yoga Saturday, April 12th 2014, doors at 6:30


20140406-133916.jpgPlease bring:
Padding to lay on
Bottle of water
Blanket to cover with
Intentions for your self and others
A note pad and pen to write thoughts
Eye covering
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More info give Christopher and Carol a call 248.721.7094