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A New Group Of Used Gongs Coming Up For Sale This Week





This Group of Gongs is being offered for sale from the collection of an experimental musician. Including two tuned Gongs
The smaller a 17″ Gong with Dragons is tuned to an E note
The Larger 32″ tuned Temple Gong with bamboo stand ( see first two photos) is tuned to a very deep A#
Included in the Group is a prized and much sought after 38″ Paiste Earth Sound Creation Gong with a 38″ Humes and Berg Hard Case. For only $2600.00 + shipping ( both new would cost more than $3375.00 )
22″ Made in The USA Zildjan gong (or symbol). Zildjan no longer make these. This Gong has a beautifully COOL SOUND. Sound sample coming soon.
Also in this line up are two 8″ gongs, a 16″ Wuhan flat face tam tam and a 22″ Wind Gong

If you see anything you like or have any Gongs you want hunted for you.
Contact: Christopher ” the Gong Hunter” @ 248.721.7094

Pay It Forward Sacred Wave Gong Immersion for the Year of the Wood Horse


We were originally scheduled to facilitate one Gong Meditation from 4pm to 6. Then a mother who wished to participate called and asked to bring her son, we gave it some thought and added the children’s experience. From 2 till 4. Two mothers brought 3 children and had a great experience.
The children taught an important lesson; Most children won’t relax for a full hour. The children all reported dreaming. The mothers had positive experiences as well.
Then we made extra room for all the people who came to the second Pay It Forward Gong Healing to lay on the floor for the full experience.
We are grateful for all of the knowledge we have collected through classes, research, and experience over the past 25+ years as well as to have been blessed by hard work and providence with our growing collection of Sacred Wave Gongs.

Happiness, Freedom, and Love
Carol and Christopher