Monthly Archives: January 2014

Happy New Year from Sacred Wave Gong Immersions!

Heartfelt thanks to all of you who have joined us and been supportive in raising the vibration of consciousness.
We are completing our second year as Sacred Wave Gong Immersions since our training with Sotantar Suraj in April of 2012.
We will continue bringing the Sacred Songs of the Gongs to you at a variety of venues in Metro Detroit and beyond.
Christopher Davis, CNHP, MT, Reiki Master & Carol Damoth, M.A., LLP, CNHP, CHTP
are the co-founders of Sacred Wave Gong Immersions and the facilitators of all Sacred Wave Gong events.
Christopher or Carol, and most likely both, will be present and facilitating at our events. We will always be bringing you a deliberate selection from our growing collection of Sacred Healing Gongs.
We look forward to basking in the vibrations with our old friends and to Riding the Wave with those of you looking for a new adventure.
Brightest of blessings to you in 2014