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Meet Our Mercury Gong


Meet Mercury Gong:
Mercury’s tuning is therapeutic for the adrenal glands and strengthens our ability to cope with stress.
Mercury’s vibrations are a tonic before, during and after periods of stress or challenge.
Metaphorically, he helps us to have a greater ability to communicate better even when under stress.
Mercury balances, supports, and stimulates the Heart and Throat Chakras.
Mercury is a Roman god of healing, information, commerce and news.

Meet Neptune Gong

Meet Neptune Gong
Neptune Gong’s tuning is therapeutic for the hips and cranial bones.
Neptune empowers us by enhancing our vitality.
Neptune positively impacts our emotions and helps us navigate our way through deep, dark, confusing or nebulous parts of our lives.
Neptune balances, supports and stimulates the Third Eye and Sacral Chakras.
We find it facinating that the note of the planet’s orbit is therapeutically correlated to aspects of the god Neptune.


Announcing a new series about the sound therapy values of our events

We, Carol Damoth and Christopher Davis, each have our own energy medicine and holistic wellness practices which include that of Sound Therapy. We work with the Gongs as an extension of these practices.
We choose the Gongs we bring to each event based upon their therapeutic values, both separately and combined.
We are beginning a new series of posts introducing each of our Gongs individually, from our sound therapy perspective, to give those of you who come to our events a greater understanding of what you will receive and experience in a Sacred Wave Gong Immersion.