The Power of Listening 

“These three powers of listening, self-reflecting and discriminating are the fundamentals of spiritual practice. When we have these powers, we can enjoy even more powers. The power of kindness. The power of generosity. The power of compassion. The power of sincerely desiring to benefit all beings.”  – Shambhavi Sarasvati


Questions or need assistance purchasing a reservation or Sacred Gongs and Bowls call/text Christopher Davis 248.721.7094 

The Summer of the Lorax 

Tree Fundraiser Update :so far, TOGETHER we have raised $440.


25% of all proceeds Will be going to purchase and plant trees in the global effort to reverse climate change. 

These proceeds will come from all Outdoor Gong Meditations, currently 6:30 PM Clawson city park, corner of Custer and Elmwood. 

….and tickets sold to our various events around Michigan.

They also come from all Singing Bowl, and Gong sales. 

Our goal is to pass 6,000 before November 1 

Together i know we can. 

PLEASE SHARE with friends to help further support this effort. 

 New 2017 Gong Schedule / Upcoming Gong Events and catching up on old news 

The Gongs and I have covered a whole lot of ground already in 2017

We still have weekly Gong Immersion and now we are offering Gong Empowerments

Sunday 3pm Gong Empowerments

Sunday 5pm Gong Immersions 

Tuesday 7pm Gong Immersions or Empowerments (depends on the energy) 

About once every month at The Tree of Life Holistic Center in Farmington

Get tickets here: ⭐️⭐️⭐️Ticket Link ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Gong Empowerments are much like our Immersions but with different themes as well as some specific spiritual energies. Some do have somewhat religious themes as we are bringing together the Light from many different spiritual cultures and religions. We still wish for you to have your own personally informed spiritual beliefs. We are offering the experience as well as uplifting blessings of some spiritual energies we are in tune with. 

We have scheduled another Night Long Healing Gong Immersion February 10th at the Pine Hill Congregational Church on Middlebelt Rd in West Bloomfield MI. Doors open at 8:30 PM. Gong Symphony set to begin at 9 PM. Then gongs will massage and caress your soul until after 5AM Afterwards refreshments will be served, herbal tea and gluten free vegan muffins and other healthful goodies.  


We finished 2016 at Gilda’s Club Metro Detroit,  The Tree Of Life Holistic Center and finally our studio! 

Gilda’s Club December 28 2016

Our Studio January 1st 2017 

then it was off into the wild blue yonder including the  NEW 359 Degree Yoga 359 in Wyandotte MI 

“Light of Christ Gong Empowerment” January 6 2017    


“Light of Christ Gong Empowerment Tour” 

Sacred Wave Gong Immersions “Light of Christ Gong Empowerment Tour” 

December 2016 / New Year Jan 2017 

Calling upon the Light of Christ Consciousness with through the Sound of our Sacred Gongs  
Fri, Dec 30 The Tree of Life Holistic Center 7- 9PM Reserve your space(s) at Tree of Life Holistic Center
Fri, Jan 6 359 Degree Yoga 7 – 8:30PM Reserve your space(s) at 359 Degree Yoga 

Saturday, Jan 7 Pine Hill Congregational Church West Bloomfield (Sanctuary) 10 to 11:30AM More info about the service at Pine Hill
Full Moon Fri, Jan 13 Good Karma Yoga 7 to 9 PM  Reserve your space(s) at Good Karma Yoga 

September 2016 Sacred Wave Gong Immersions’ Schedule

Mondays 7 PM to 8:30
Tuesdays 7 PM to 8:30
Fridays 7 PM to 8:30
Sunday 5 PM to 8:30

Friday September 16 Lunar Eclipse Celebration
3 PM to 4:30 and 5 PM to 6:30

Sacred Wave Gong Immersions
301 W. Fourth St., Suite 490
Royal Oak MI 48067

⭐️Monday, September 26 7pm to 8:30 at The Tree Of Life Holistic Center in Farmington MI

Advance ticket purchase required
Questions or assistance with reservations call or text Christopher 248.721.7094

Purchase Advance Tickets By Clicking This Link

Photo from our Summer Of Grace 2016


Embracing My Gong Lineage – Happy Birthday Yogi Bhajan

“The Gong is the first and last instrument
for the human mind, there is only one thing
that can supersede and command the human mind,
the sound of the Gong. It is the first sound in the
universe, the sound that created this universe.
It’s the basic creative sound. To the mind, the sound
of the gong is like a mother and father that
gave it birth. The mind has no power to resist
a gong that is well played.”

Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga

Sotantar Suraj


I found the path of the Sacred Gong thanks to Yogi Bhajan teaching Sotantar Suraj and then Sotantar teaching me in April 2012
Their teachings are the foundation upon which we formed our great respect and ethics for the playing of Sacred Wave Gong Immersions.

With love and respect
Christopher Davis, Gongolier
Devote of the path of the Sacred Gong



Summer Of Grace 2016

This summer Sacred Wave Gongs is providing many by donation outdoor meditations to give everyone a chance to enjoy the benefits of Sacred Wave Gong Immersions in Nature.

Come join us
On Sundays 4 PM at Meininger Park Royal Oak MI
On Tuesdays Geary Park in Ferndale MI
July 25 at Shiawassee Park in Farmington MI

Questions call or text Christopher 248.721.7094





Questions call or text Christopher 248.721.7094